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Unquestionably, Tokyo is one among the best cities in Asia to visit. It's definitely one of the most fascinating, extensive, chaotic and wealthy cities on the Asian continent, which is why Koji Fujiwara of Mizuho Financial Group Inc. opts to be set up there. Featuring a mix of insights into what ancient Japan used to look like and futuristic high-tech networks, it is a city where tradition and modernity go together. Old actually meets new here. The Japanese capital has something to offer everyone, which is why many individuals take into account it one among the best cities in Asia. With over 13 million humans located in the metropolis, every district has its own distinct appeal. From digital hubs to Imperial shrines, gardens to cultural haunts, Tokyo has it all. While the public transportation system in the city is world-class, you should please note that Tokyo is best enjoyed strolling around and taking in the energy of the numerous districts.

A large number of individuals will tell you that Hong Kong is really one of the greatest cities in Asia. The unusual city is a contemporary, wealthy and cosmopolitan place with a great number of people, shaped by both Cantonese Chinese and British colonisation. It is one of Asia’s, as well as the world’s, significant financial zones, which is why folks such as David Li of BEA decide to live there. It likewise happens to be an important hub with connections to countless strategic cities around the world. Now, the city is a heavily populated home to humans from around the world, making it a tremendous spot to experience real multi-culturalism. Visitors will come across incredibly high highrises in the city’s urban landscape, while also coming across a bunch of really striking natural landscapes. The highest point in the city, which is a major tourist attraction, delivers some of the most spectacular vistas of the metropolis.

A lot of individuals won’t immediately think about Mumbai when think of going to Asia, as Indian culture is a totally various thing to what they associate to East Asian culture. But the place, which is one of the largest cities in the world, is an extraordinary spot and should be visited at some point. The city is home to over 12 million humans and has a deep organic harbour. Mumbai is the financial hub of India and boasts the highest number of millionaires and billionaires among all cities in the country, which is why men and women such as Anil Ambani of Reliance Infrastructure choose to live there. The city is also home to India’s sizable and popular film industry, while containing a massive national park and features a fusion of different architectural styles. Situated by the coastline, the beach offers a terrific place to take in some sunsets.

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